BIN 46690912

VISA credit card (TRADITIONAL level) in Barbados

Card Information

IIN / BIN Length Required Prepaid Commercial Network Company Card Type Card Level Currency
46690912 16 false false VISA credit TRADITIONAL BBD

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Bank Issuer Information

Name Website Phone City

Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Barbados IIN / BIN List BB Barbados 052 13.193887 -59.543198

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Importance/Benefits of a good BIN Checker

Traders or merchants predominantly use BIN (bank identification number), checkers. Now that it is effortless to perform a card fraud, the BIN checkers are mostly used by dealers or traders to secure their site from fraudulent transactions.


  1. It is used to examine and verify the customer's bank identification number, and it will immediately reject it if the BIN number is invalid.
  2. The BIN checker will also check the BIN number in the bank identification number database of card BIN and will then return the information about the BIN number.
  3. It allows the merchant to know about the card type, currency, scheme, issuer name, card number, and card issuing country. Hence, making it easy to match this information with the one provided by the customer. This makes it very easy to detect if the customer has given the wrong information.
  4. A merchant can merge a BIN checker Application Programming Interface (API) with his/her site payment system. Doing this will enable the BIN checker to verify the data provided by the client to their data collection system. It will terminate the transaction if the data provided is wrong.

The crucial information provided by the BIN checker includes the following:

  1. The type of credit card
  2. The country the credit card is issued.
  3. Name of the credit card issuer
  4. Card Issuer contact address
  5. Customer phone number.

Importance/Benefits of BIN Checker

  1. It helps to combat and prevent fraudulent activities in business transactions.
  2. It reveals if a customer or buyer is legit.
  3. It reveals the secured information of an entered bank identification number and compare if they are correct or not.
  4. They are free, as you don't need to pay before it can be accessed.
  5. It makes sure your site and business is secured.
  6. It provides traders or merchants with essential data needed to trace fraud acts.
  7. It enables users to trace the daily financial activities of their online business.
  8. It allows merchants and individuals access to verify false information.
  9. It ensures that withdrawal and deposits with credit cards are secure and comfortable.
46690912 VISA credit Barbados BB BIN List
46690912 VISA credit Barbados BB BIN List

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