This web app to look up the BIN (also called IIN), revealing all the information of the payment card, such as: the card network, issuer bank, card type, level, scheme, location, etc. Try Premium BIN Checker for up-to-date, accurate BIN Checks.

All TAMARA BANK, Indonesia IIN / BIN Database

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Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Indonesia IIN / BIN List ID Indonesia 360 -0.789275 113.921327

Bank Issuer Information

Name Website Phone City

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The inseparate tie of a BIN system and an e-commerce business

According to official reports, payment card frauds have yearly caused the loss of billions of dollars in online shopping sector. Store owners, the end receivers of such fraudulent activities to endure the aftermaths of the effects, feel the lack of law protections for such cases. Card users, the end victims of such identity theft to receive unjust dispute results, feel less confident in the banking system… However, it doesn't have to be that way.

Any online store can that receiving card for payment can help both themselves and their customers to avoid all the of the above problems. They can simply incorporate in their checkout process a neat BIN check to ensure the submitted data matches with that of the card. The check level can be controlled by different criteria. For example, a user from certain areas in USA can be a little lenient while certain places require more stringent, extensive validations. The store operator can contact the user on phone or by email if a BIN check failure flags. The store can also simply deny the transaction if the mismatch is too much. In any case, a BIN system will save over half of the manual work.

Given the important of a BIN checker, a good place to check for the BIN data is a must. Some databases have so small set of data. While some others are really inaccurate. The best way to tell is to test BIN searches on some cards that you know, ask the company questions such as: how often the BIN database is updated ? Can it show features you need ? How long to receive the free update after payment ?.

Good luck and happy BIN checking.

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