Free BIN API with frequently updated database

BIN Search From the public, community-based BIN database maintained from emails / feedbacks of thousands of users, FreeBINChecker presents this RESTful API web service to ease out the developmental process for fraud prevention. From feedbacks of users, merchants, and developers; the database as well as its presentational response will continue to evolve. Though the IIN database is frequently updated, it is not perfect.

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The request

You can make either HTTP GET or HTTP POST requests to https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/{bin} to get the result. The returned format is JSON.

Some good examples of the API requests are:

https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/371241 https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/370245

Bad examples:

https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/AMEX https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/debit-card

Parameter Required Type Value Description
{bin-number} Yes string The BIN or IIN (the initial 6 digits of a payment card)
other parameters No string Under development. Please contact us at dev@freebinchecker.com for ideas and collaborations
Test it: https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/370245

The response

Plain JSON format

Parameter Type Value Description
valid boolean "true" or "false" a valid BIN or IIN number
status string "active" or "inactive" an active BIN or IIN number
card-brand string "VISA", "MASTERCARD", "DISCOVER", etc Card issuer company (also called network, brand, scheme)
card-type string "credit", "debit", or "charge card" payment card type classification
card-category string "BUSINESS", "GIFT", etc different values assigned by the card company
country object { } Information about issuer country, such as: name, code, latitude, etc
issuer object { } Information about issuer bank, such as: name, website, phone, etc