Free BIN API by a frequently updated database

BIN Search From the public, community-based BIN database maintained by thousands of users' daily feedbacks, FreeBINChecker presents this RESTful API web service to ease out the developmental process for fraud prevention. From verified corrections of API users, merchants, and developers; the database as well as its presentation interface continue to evolve. Though this public BIN / IIN database is frequently updated, it is not perfect. Please use it with caution.

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The request

You can make either HTTP GET or HTTP POST requests to https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/{bin} to get the result. The returned format is JSON.

Some good examples of the API requests are:

https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/371241 https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/370245

Bad examples:

https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/AMEX https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/debit-card

Parameter Required Type Value Description
{bin-number} Yes string The BIN or IIN (the initial 6 digits of a payment card)
other parameters No string Under development. Please contact us at dev@freebinchecker.com for ideas and collaborations
Test it: https://api.freebinchecker.com/bin/370245

The response

Plain JSON format

Parameter Type Value Description
valid boolean "true" or "false" A valid BIN or IIN number
card object status, brand, type, category Information about the card
card.status string "active" or "inactive" An active BIN or IIN number or not
card.brand string AMEX, VISA, MATERCARD, etc Card issuer company (also called network, brand, scheme)
card.type string "credit", "debit", etc Card type classification
card.category string "STANDARD", "VIP", etc Card category
card.sub-category string Card sub-category
country object name, alpha-2-code, numberic code, latitude, longitude Information about issuer country
country.name string United States, China, France, Japan, etc Name of the card issuer country
country.alpha-2-code string US, CN, FR, JA, etc Alpha 2 code of the card issuer country
country.numeric-code string 840, 841, etc Numeric code of the card issuer country
country.latitude string 37.09024, etc Latitude of the card issuer country
country.longitude string -95.712891, etc Longitude of the card issuer country
issuer object name, url, tel Information about the issuer bank
issuer.name string Bank of America, Chase, Wellsfargo, etc Name of the card issuer bank
issuer.url string https://www.freebinchecker.com, etc URL of the card issuer bank
issuer.tel string +1 408 434 5454, etc Telephone of the card issuer bank
An Example of a successful BIN API response
  "valid": true,
  "card": {
    "status": "active",
    "brand": "AMEX",
    "type": "credit",
    "category": "STANDARD",
    "sub-category": "The payment system American Express"
  "country": {
    "name": "United States",
    "alpha-2-code": "US",
    "numeric-code": "840",
    "latitude": "37.09024",
    "longitude": "-95.712891"
  "issuer": {
    "url": "www.banesco.com",
    "phone": "+58 212 501 11 11"