Example: 434344 or 46916961
Example: or 2601:646:9100:3c1:4126:ef99:211e:83c6

The advancement in technology has made the payment systems for goods and services much more straightforward. Merchant and digital marketers can now receive payment of products sold to customers from any part of the world. The payment process is faster and is done effortlessly. With the use of credit cards and internet facilities, customers can perform all transactions from their comfort zones. Despite the usefulness of this payment method, so many challenges have greeted its use in the business world. While some have attempted payment with fake credit cards, other people have tried to generate credit cards to be able to make a payment, thereby defrauding merchants. However, you can stop this cruel habit of customers through the use of the IP/BIN checker tools . Today, I will be telling you about IP/BIN checker tool and other information you need to know about them.

Internet Protocol (IP)

The Internet Protocol (IP) is one of the most common words on the lips of all internet users. It provides concise rules for sending and receiving data from devices over the internet. With Internet Protocol, various devices can communicate effectively with each other when they are connected to the internet. Also, IP reveals the present location of customers.

Bank Identification Number (BIN)

IP Address Check
IP Address Check

Bank Identification Number (BIN) is little known among credit card holders but is well known by credit card generators. It is the first 4-6 digits out of the 16-digit card number . The number gives detailed information about the issuer of the credit card, which may either be the bank or financial institutions . With BIN, you can identify the issuer and its location. It also gives information about the contact of the bank or financial institution. Furthermore, you can get information about the kind of institution that issued the card through the first digit of the BIN number.

IP and BIN Checker Tools

IP and BIN numbers are important tools for merchants and business owners to validate the genuineness of the customer and their credit cards. The IP can assist merchants and business owners in identifying the location where their buyers are ordering goods. Also, BIN helps merchants to authenticate and authorize the payment of goods with credit cards. If the BIN number of the credit card is invalid, customers are requested to change their mode of payment. The importance of IP and BIN in business transactions necessitates the need for IP/BIN checker tools. Here, we discuss various IP and BIN checker tools.

1. FreeBINChecker's IP/BIN Checker

From the consistently updated BIN Database of over 800,000+ BIN numbers and the most comprehensive, accurate IP Lookup of tens of millions of IP records, FreeBINChecker can easily match the inputs of a BIN number and an IP address (v4 or v6) to tell the possibility of fraud for payment card transactions. The tool checks to match the current location from a customer's IP address to that of bank identification number (BIN) card issuing bank country location.

2. IP Geolocation Website

The IP is an essential way of detecting the location of customers. It can be checked using reputable websites like ipaddress.pro. This IP detecting website is well developed with an advanced IP detection algorithm that can identify the location of customers effortlessly. ipaddress.pro has an attractive interface that is easy to navigate for merchants and business owners. The database of the site is up-to-date. With the website, you can get concise geolocation information about the customers. This information includes their c ity, country, ZIP/Postal codes, longitude and latitudes, time zones, Internet Service Provider, and connection speed of their devices . This information is detailed enough for merchants to detect fraud. The information can also be used to perform digital right management, geotargeting, geo-fencing, ads targetting, traffic analysis, and content personalization.

3. BIN Checker

BIN Checker is a reputable and trusted online tool that can be used to check the validity and authenticity of credit cards. The online tool is excellently designed with an up-to-date unique BIN in its database. It also has a simple and easy to use window were input the first six digits of your card number . Always ensure you take the necessary precautions while entering the six digits. You must ensure only numbers are entered without any space between the six digits while typing them in the window provided. Once the first six digits have been entered on the window, then click on the check icon. Next, the information on the card will be displayed.

4. BIN Search and Finder

The BIN Search and Finder is an online tool that can be used to acquire the needed information about the Credit Card. The online tool has a robust library that is fortified with up-to-date card information. To check the credit card information with this tool, you need to input the card brand, bank, and country where the issuer is located. Then click on the search icon. The result is then displayed under the search interface.

5. IP/BIN Combo Checker

The IP/BIN Combo Checker is a trusted online tool that can be used to validate the credit card and location of the cardholder. This tool supports IPv6 and IPv4 . The process of checking the validity of Credit Cards with this tool involves inputting the IP address of the customer's internet device. Ensure all information is appropriately entered in the space provided. Then, then click on the check icon.

6. Credit Card Checker

A Credit Card Checker is a tool that will help merchants validate the genuineness of the customer's credit card. To run the check on the credit card with this tool, you need to input the card number on the credit card. These card numbers are always between 13-19 digits. Ensure that only numbers are entered into the window provided without any space in between them. Then click on the validate icon.

7. Credit Card Number Generator

Credit Card can be generated and validated with the Credit Card Number Generator Tool. The online tool helps you to generate credit cards that are fake but extremely useful for testing purposes. The tool can be used to generate valid credit cards, and the credit cards are validated with the Luhn algorithm so that you can detect any error on the card.

API lookup BIN Tools

The API lookup is an online tool that provides the following BIN checking services

1. BIN API Lookup

The BIN API Lookup is an efficient online tool that can be used to check up the BIN number of credit cards. All you need to do to access its service is to integrate it into your BIN checker. The tool will allow you to check 20 credit cards with it daily when you opt for its free access. However, you can subscribe to its premium version to access unlimited BIN check-ups. You also need to register to be able to access its free and subscribed version

2. API Premium Multi BIN Checker

The API Premium Multi BIN Checker is a useful tool that can be used to verify the validity and authenticity of credit cards. The mode of check with this tool is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is to make use of the HTTP GET request . Then you receive the result of the check-in XML or JSON format.

3. API Premium BIN Search

The API Premium BIN Search is another brilliantly designed tool that can be used to validate the genuineness of the credit card. All you need to do is to make a GET request in HTTP format . Then, the result of the check will be displayed in XML and JSON format .

Advantages of IP/BIN Check to Merchants

1. Minimize Fraud

Checking the integrity of credit cards help forestall all efforts to defraud merchants. The IP checker also gives merchants an idea of the personality that is patronizing them. This assists them in taking the necessary precaution from been duped.

2. Time Detection

The IP/BIN checker helps the merchant to detect fraudsters early before the authorization is completed. The process of the check is fast, efficient, and effective.

Summary of Tools / Apps for IP Adresss & BIN Combo Verfication

The steps involved in BIN check are highlighted in the table below.

BIN check Methods Steps Involved

BIN Checker

1. Enter six-digit BIN numbers

2. Click on the check icon

BIN Search and Finder

1. Enter card brand, bank, and country

2. Search.

IP/BIN Combo Checker

1. Enter six-digit BIN number

2. Enter the IP address

3. Click on check

Credit Card Checker

1. Enter the 13-19 digits card number.

Credit Card Number Generator

1. Check with Luhn algorithm

BIN Lists and Ranges

1. Check BIN digits from lists

Credit Card Number from BIN

1. Enter the six-digit BIN number

2. Click on generate icon

BIN API Lookup

1. Integrate its service into BIN checker

2. Enter the BIN number and check.

API Premium Multi BIN Checker

1. Use HTTP GET request

2. Acquire result in XML and JSON formats

API Premium BIN Search

1. Use GET request in HTTP format

2. Acquire result in XML and JSON formats


The IP/BIN are essential determinants to defrauding a merchant or business owners. Hence they must be checked before payment authorization. Discussed above are efficient tools that can be used to check the IP and BIN number. I believe they will be helpful in your business transactions.

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