BIN 451461

VISA credit card (SIGNATURE level) issued by ROYAL BANK OF CANADA in China

Card Information

IIN / BIN Length Required Prepaid Commercial Network Company Card Type Card Level Currency
451461 16 false false VISA credit SIGNATURE CNY

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Bank Issuer Information

Name Website Phone City

Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
China IIN / BIN List CN China 156 35.86166 104.195397

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Interesting facts about American Express (AMEX) BIN ranges

In most cases, AMEX is both the card network and the bank. Contrary to some other network companies, the issuer bank is not the network itself. For example, the popular Costco Anywhere Visa Card is from the VISA network but approved and issued by Citi bank.

An AMEX card is one of the toughest to get. It has length of 15 digits. In terms of BIN ranges, they all begin with 37XXXX or 34XXXX

BIN Ranges for some other famous card networks

Now a VISA always starts with "4" regardless of its levels and sub-brands. MasterCard starts with either 2221-2720 or 51-55. Both MasterCard & Visa have the number length of 16 digits. These are the two most prevalent cards utilized today. The card number varies after the first number for association and security.

The story of BIN Lookup and payment cards

Suppose you pay a bill on a web site. When you input all the credit card data, you mistakenly switch two of the numbers. Clicking submit, the web site errors back as invalid or declined. This is exceptionally normal; however the procedure goes much more profound.

Rather than mixing up the card number, you put in a different billing address than the one you signed up with your card issuer. The web site now may give warning or even decline the charge. These are the common scenarios of an online purchase.

The returned error messages happened because there is a BIN checker in the background. Whether it is an in-house software or a third party's data query via APIs, the BIN lookup helps cross-check data given by the user and the card itself. At times, it may bother a real user; however; you ought to consider it a security measure. Might you be able to imagine getting up one morning to discover a few buys on your financial record? There isn't a card owner out there who needs to be a casualty of fraud. Hence, BIN checker is in place for businesses ensuring not only to protect the businesses itself but all the general card users too.

451461 VISA credit China CN BIN List
451461 VISA credit China CN BIN List

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