BIN 45382875

VISA credit card issued by Bank Of Nova Scotia in Canada

Card Information

IIN / BIN Length Required Prepaid Commercial Network Company Card Type Card Level Currency
45382875 false false VISA credit CAD

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Bank Issuer Information

Name Website Phone City
Bank Of Nova Scotia (1-800-472-6842)

Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Canada IIN / BIN List CA Canada 124 56.130366 -106.346771

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How the Card Bank Identification Number ("BIN") System works ?

BIN or IIN (as in classic Bank Identification Number and or newer, modern term of Issuer Identification Number) represents the first six numbers of a bank card number. These cards have various known types : credit, debit, charge, prepaid, etc. They usually are made by plastic, having a magnetic strip on the back for swiping, sliding on off processing card readers. Nowadays some if not all bank cards have small, rectangular-shaped chips implanted in the front that can be read for charging by newer type of card readers.

As the card reading process happens at a local store with the presence of the card owner himself or herself, cashiers may sometimes ask for his / her governmentally issued ID to compare the information on the card with that of the ID. In case of mismatch, the cashier will ask for an explanation. They may deny the order or / and ask security personnel to involve.

For an online shop, similar checking process can also be achieved. Upon a user's account creation, the website may ask them to a upload some governmentally issued ID, such as: a driver license, a phone bill, a utility bill, etc. When the user makes an order, they will match the submitted payment information with the uploaded ID to make sure the transaction is valid. However, this process is troublesome, causing bad impressions from consumers. They sometimes request to close their accounts out of frustration. Even worse thet simply never come back to shop. This is where BIN system has come to the rescue. With an in-house BIN database or API call, a software developer can integrate a checking process to match the card BIN information with user's data submitted at order checkout. Subsequent decisions of the match result can also be automated to save time.

45382875 VISA credit Canada CA BIN List
45382875 VISA credit Canada CA BIN List

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