BIN 53585426

MASTERCARD debit card (UNEMBOSSED PREPAID STUDENT level) in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Card Information

IIN / BIN Length Required Prepaid Commercial Network Company Card Type Card Level Currency

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Bank Issuer Information

Name Website Phone City

Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines IIN / BIN List VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 670 12.984305 -61.287228

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BIN Check and why it is important ?

According to International standards, a payment card may have up to 19 digits. However, the six digit prefix, called Bank Identification Number ("BIN"), would be of the main focus for everybody. A BIN check helps find out various information of a payment card: which bank issuer, country issuer, card type, card network, and other applicable card attributes. Now with the obtained information from a BIN lookup, a business owner can verify and validate the customer's given information. If they don't match, chances are it is fraudulent activity. Hence, it is a huge plus for any business having a reliable in-house BIN check for combating frauds. Not only that, there are also benefits for the consumers as well. As more and more businesses having BIN checkers integrated in the checkout process, consumers around the world can get some hints from the bank in case of suspicious activity, thus preventing identity theft in advance.

Another great benefit of utilizing a BIN checker is that it will help the business owner to charge the applicable fees for the customers from different countries. These fees will be there at the processing time of the customers' cards. By performing BIN lookups before submitting them to card processors for charging. The owner is able to receive beforehand knowledge of the card origin and other settings. Now with the fee table from the card processor, the owner can calculate a new order total presenting it all in shopping cart. The whole process can be well automated to achieve a quick, satisfactory, fully profitable, and fully controllable transaction.

53585426 MASTERCARD debit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VC BIN List
53585426 MASTERCARD debit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VC BIN List

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