This web app to look up the BIN (also called IIN), revealing all the information of the payment card, such as: the card network, issuer bank, card type, level, scheme, location, etc. Try Premium BIN Checker for up-to-date, accurate BIN Checks.

Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Indonesia IIN / BIN List ID Indonesia 360 -0.789275 113.921327
Indonesia BIN List

IIN / BIN List

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Reduce Chargebacks with BIN Lookups

Paying on the wire with a piece of plastic has become the norm of the world for a while now. The method is really convenient for shoppers. Long gone the day people need to carry a big bag of cash for shopping. They can get almost whatever they want now at finger tips, thanks to the creation of card payment. However, it is no big surprise that fakes and frauds have tagged along and expanded at a disturbing rate.

Online card cheats have brought about tremendous damage to both consumers and business owners in finance and time to resolve the fraudulent activities. Worse, the cheat remains undiscovered for years leaving tremendous loss in credit history of the users. Many risk mitigation groups tried to handle this problem. One of the powerful and valuable measures as of late to counter online fakes has been uncovered under the form of the so-called BIN database

BIN is the Bank Identification Number, which is the initial 6 digit numbers found in the credit, debit or any card. With a simple BIN lookup, shop owners can match the information from the search result to what given by the consumer, from which to determine the validity of the transaction.