Kenya (KE) BIN List

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Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Kenya IIN / BIN List KE Kenya 404 -0.023559 37.906193

Kenya (KE) : IIN / BIN List

BIN Network Company Card Type Card Level
45051111 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44894705 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46613865 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
47292082 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45051114 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44933785 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
47292042 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
48606739 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
52468108 MASTERCARD debit DEBIT
44944646 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
512471 MASTERCARD credit GOLD
52468116 MASTERCARD debit DEBIT
40332162 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45051044 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44777023 VISA debit GOLD
48606765 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46613885 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45051066 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44776747 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
40332182 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
52468160 MASTERCARD debit DEBIT
44969911 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44893856 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44777064 VISA debit PLATINUM
44893812 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46613816 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44933723 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44777359 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44776791 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44893839 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44777347 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44933752 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
453182 VISA debit BUSINESS
44811885 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44944642 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
51945710200 MASTERCARD debit DEBIT
44811865 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
431424 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44933739 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44998141 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44777341 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44893852 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44893770 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
43938158 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44969850 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44772992 VISA debit GOLD
40332142 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45051022 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44776734 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44944870 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
43938117 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44895279 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46613839 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44893830 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44839583 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
417360 VISA credit PLATINUM
44944622 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44944618 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
48606741 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44944885 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
419195 VISA credit PLATINUM
40332122 VISA debit TRADITIONAL

864 more IIN / BIN ...

Kenya (KE) : List of BINs from Banks

U.s. Bank N.a. Nd (273 BINs found) National City Bank (176 BINs found) Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corp., Ltd. (107 BINs found) Banco De La Pequena Y Mediana Empresa (bankpyme) (99 BINs found)
Bank Of America, N.a. (95 BINs found) Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (94 BINs found) Nicu Dinu's Bank (83 BINs found) Banco Do Estado De Sao Paulo, S.a. (73 BINs found)
Oak Hill Banks (65 BINs found) Southtrust Bank (64 BINs found) First Community Bank (61 BINs found) Alcoa F.c.u. (57 BINs found)
American States Employees Federal Creditunion (45 BINs found) FIRST COMMUNITY BANK (38 BINs found) STANDARD CHARTERED BANK KENYA, LTD. (38 BINs found) Chinatrust Commercial Bank (33 BINs found)
Seasons F.c.u. (33 BINs found) Co-operative Bank Of Kenya, Ltd. (27 BINs found) Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. (17 BINs found) Horizon National Bank (13 BINs found)
United Florists F.c.u. (10 BINs found) Barclays Bank Of Kenya, Ltd. (8 BINs found) Kenya Commercial Bank, Ltd. (8 BINs found) Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, Ltd. (8 BINs found)
Bankcard Service Japan Co., Ltd. (7 BINs found) National Bank Of Kenya, Ltd. (7 BINs found) Commercial Bank Of Africa, Ltd. (6 BINs found) Equatorial Commercial Bank, Ltd. (6 BINs found)
National Industrial Credit Bank, Ltd. (5 BINs found) Diamond Trust Bank Kenya, Ltd. (4 BINs found) Investments And Mortgages Bank, Ltd. (4 BINs found) Prime Bank, Ltd. (4 BINs found)
SILVERTON BANK, N.A. (4 BINs found) Southern Credit Banking Corporation (4 BINs found) BANK OF MONTREAL (3 BINs found) Equity Bank, Ltd. (3 BINs found)
Imperial Bank, Ltd. (3 BINs found) St. George Bank, Ltd. (3 BINs found) Barclays Bank Plc (2 BINs found) Citibank (2 BINs found)
Citibank Na Kenya (2 BINs found) Community Bank Of Nevada (2 BINs found) Cscbank S.a.l. (2 BINs found) Fidelity Commercial Bank, Ltd. (2 BINs found)
Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd. (kcb) (2 BINs found) Stanbic Bank Kenya, Ltd. (2 BINs found) Standard Bank Of South Africa, Ltd. (2 BINs found) Tapiola Pankki Oy (2 BINs found)
Td Canada Trust Bank (2 BINs found) Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. (2 BINs found) Alliance And Leicester Plc (1 BINs found) BARCLAYS BANK PLC (1 BINs found)
Bancfirst (1 BINs found) Banco Nacional De Mexico, S.a. (1 BINs found) Bank Of Africa (kenya), Ltd. (1 BINs found) CITIBANK NA KENYA (1 BINs found)
Cfc Stanbic Bank, Ltd. (1 BINs found) Commonwealth Bank Of Australia (1 BINs found) Deutsche Bank S.p.a. (1 BINs found) EQUATORIAL COMMERCIAL BANK, LTD. (1 BINs found)
Enterprise National Bank (1 BINs found) Fia Card Services, N.a. (1 BINs found) First Premier Bank (1 BINs found) HYUNDAICARD CO., LTD. (1 BINs found)
KENYA COMMERCIAL BANK, LTD. (1 BINs found) Keybank, N.a. (1 BINs found) Landesbank Berlin Ag (1 BINs found) MBNA AMERICA BANK, N.A. (1 BINs found)
Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group, Inc. (1 BINs found) Regions Bank (1 BINs found) SOUTHERN CREDIT BANKING CORPORATION (1 BINs found) STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA, LTD. (1 BINs found)
Trust Bank, Ltd. (1 BINs found) U.s. Bank, N.a. (1 BINs found) WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION (1 BINs found)

Kenya (KE) : Card Networks

VISA (2199 BINs found) MASTERCARD (319 BINs found)

Kenya (KE) : Card Types

debit (2230 BINs found) credit (288 BINs found)

Kenya (KE) : Card Brands

traditional (1849 BINs found) gold (163 BINs found) debit (154 BINs found) platinum (146 BINs found)
unembossed prepaid student (115 BINs found) standard (22 BINs found) electron (10 BINs found) corporate (9 BINs found)
infinite (9 BINs found) business (7 BINs found) world (5 BINs found) classic (3 BINs found)
debit platinum (3 BINs found) platinium (3 BINs found) purchasing (3 BINs found) standard prepaid (3 BINs found)
credit business prepaid (2 BINs found) debit gold (2 BINs found) null (2 BINs found) cirrus (1 BINs found)
debit business (1 BINs found) platinum prepaid travel (1 BINs found) pre paid (1 BINs found) titanium (1 BINs found)
world debit embossed (1 BINs found) world elite (1 BINs found) world embossed (1 BINs found)
Kenya Kenya+%28KE%29 BIN List

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