Macau (MO) BIN List

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Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Macau IIN / BIN List MO Macau 446 22.198745 113.543873

Macau (MO) : IIN / BIN List

BIN Network Company Card Type Card Level
41050863 VISA credit GOLD
41050823 VISA credit GOLD
461784 VISA credit STANDARD
41050878 VISA credit GOLD
41050828 VISA credit GOLD
41050804 VISA credit GOLD
45170737 VISA credit GOLD
455351 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
41050847 VISA credit GOLD
45170731 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
445983 VISA credit BUSINESS
41050876 VISA credit GOLD
530506 MASTERCARD credit NULL
41050872 VISA credit GOLD
426584 VISA credit CLASSIC
489674 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
480216 VISA credit CORPORATE
41050891 VISA credit GOLD
43048744 VISA credit PLATINUM
433663 VISA credit BUSINESS
41050810 VISA credit GOLD
41050854 VISA credit GOLD
43048732 VISA credit PLATINUM
43048701 VISA credit PLATINUM
43048781 VISA credit PLATINUM
470941 VISA credit PLATINUM
43048749 VISA credit PLATINUM
43048721 VISA credit PLATINUM
428152 VISA credit STANDARD
475515 VISA credit GOLD
43048769 VISA credit SIGNATURE
51546973 MASTERCARD credit WORLD
541396 MASTERCARD credit GOLD
524134 MASTERCARD credit WORLD
41050829 VISA credit GOLD
41050825 VISA credit GOLD
41050800 VISA credit GOLD
43048782 VISA credit PLATINUM
41050830 VISA credit GOLD
43048731 VISA credit PLATINUM
453264 VISA credit CLASSIC
459559 VISA credit INFINITE
41050871 VISA credit GOLD
489671 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
43048768 VISA credit SIGNATURE
489673 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
41050898 VISA credit GOLD
41050899 VISA credit GOLD
41050803 VISA credit GOLD
43048745 VISA credit PLATINUM
43048747 VISA credit PLATINUM
41050801 VISA credit GOLD
45170739 VISA credit SIGNATURE
41050824 VISA credit GOLD
43048767 VISA credit SIGNATURE
43048720 VISA credit PLATINUM
43048783 VISA credit PLATINUM
43048739 VISA credit PLATINUM
55002478 MASTERCARD credit GOLD
543692 MASTERCARD credit NULL
43048759 VISA credit PLATINUM

762 more IIN / BIN ...

Macau (MO) : List of BINs from Banks

Banco Weng Hang, S.a. (105 BINs found) LUSO INTERNATIONAL BANKING, LTD. (100 BINs found) Banco Comercial De Macau, S.a. (23 BINs found) Aval Card (costa Rica), S.a. (22 BINs found)
Boc Credit Card (international), Ltd. (10 BINs found) Luso International Banking, Ltd. (10 BINs found) Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corp., Ltd. (9 BINs found) Banco Nacional Ultramarino, S.a. (8 BINs found)
Bank Of China, Ltd. (8 BINs found) Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (macau), Ltd. (8 BINs found) BOC CREDIT CARD (INTERNATIONAL), LTD. (6 BINs found) Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. (5 BINs found)
M And I (marshall And Ilsley) Bank (5 BINs found) BANCO WENG HANG, S.A. (3 BINs found) INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (MACAU), LTD. (3 BINs found) BANCO NACIONAL ULTRAMARINO, S.A. (2 BINs found)
Branch Banking And Trust Company (2 BINs found) Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. (2 BINs found) Tai Fung Bank, Ltd. (2 BINs found) Usaa Savings Bank (2 BINs found)
Altalanos Ertekforgalmi Bank Rt. (general Banking And Trust (1 BINs found) BANCO COMERCIAL DE MACAU, S.A. (1 BINs found) Banco Nacional De Mexico, S.a. (1 BINs found) Banco Nacional Ultramarino Sa (1 BINs found)
Bank Of America (1 BINs found) Bank Of China (1 BINs found) Bank Of East Asia, Ltd. (1 BINs found) Bankfirst (1 BINs found)
Boc Credit Card (international) Limited (1 BINs found) Chase Manhattan Bank Usa, N.a. (1 BINs found) Community Bancservice Corporation (1 BINs found) Europay 6000 (1 BINs found)
First Bank Of Delaware (1 BINs found) First Commonwealth Bank (1 BINs found) First Premier Bank (1 BINs found) Grandbank (1 BINs found)
HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORP., LTD. (1 BINs found) Hang Seng Bank, Ltd. (1 BINs found) Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation, Ltd. (1 BINs found) Jsc Vneshtorgbank Retail Financial Services (1 BINs found)
Lasalle Bank, N.a. (1 BINs found) Liu Chong Hing Bank, Ltd. (1 BINs found) Metabank (1 BINs found) Midwest Payment Systems, Inc. (1 BINs found)
Nyce Payments Network, Llc (1 BINs found) Peoples Bank (1 BINs found) Pnc Bank, Delaware (1 BINs found) Standard Chartered Bank (1 BINs found)
Star Processing, Inc. (1 BINs found) T.c. Ziraat Bankasi (1 BINs found) Ukrainsky Promyslovy Bank Limited Liability Company (1 BINs found) Union Federal Bank Of Indianapolis (1 BINs found)

Macau (MO) : Card Networks

VISA (296 BINs found) MASTERCARD (95 BINs found)

Macau (MO) : Card Types

credit (376 BINs found) debit (15 BINs found)

Macau (MO) : Card Brands

gold (120 BINs found) platinum (102 BINs found) standard (35 BINs found) traditional (30 BINs found)
signature (17 BINs found) world (16 BINs found) titanium (13 BINs found) business (11 BINs found)
platinium (10 BINs found) classic (6 BINs found) debit platinum (6 BINs found) infinite (6 BINs found)
corporate (5 BINs found) null (5 BINs found) maestro (3 BINs found) credit (2 BINs found)
world elite (2 BINs found) cirrus (1 BINs found) premier (1 BINs found)
Macau Macau+%28MO%29 BIN List

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