Niue (NU) 🡒 charge card BIN List

Table of Contents

Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Niue IIN / BIN List NU Niue 570 -19.054445 -169.867233

Niue (NU) 🡒 charge card : IIN / BIN List

BIN Network Company Card Type Card Level
464083 VISA charge NULL
46408304 VISA charge GOLD

468 more IIN / BIN ...

Niue (NU) 🡒 charge card : List of BINs from Banks

Niue (NU) 🡒 charge card : Card Networks

VISA (2 BINs found)

Niue (NU) 🡒 charge card : Card Types

charge (2 BINs found)

Niue (NU) 🡒 charge card : Card Brands

gold (1 BINs found) null (1 BINs found)
Niue Niue+%28NU%29+%26%23129106%3B+charge+card BIN List

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