Paraguay (PY) 🡒 VISA BIN List

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Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Paraguay IIN / BIN List PY Paraguay 600 -23.442503 -58.443832

Paraguay (PY) 🡒 VISA : IIN / BIN List

BIN Network Company Card Type Card Level
46423889 VISA credit INFINITE
45214386 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
45077127 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46423900 VISA credit INFINITE
411570 VISA credit GOLD
46423877 VISA credit INFINITE
46423849 VISA credit INFINITE
498504 VISA credit SIGNATURE
422411 VISA credit GOLD
484144 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46423878 VISA credit INFINITE
46423901 VISA credit INFINITE
473297 VISA credit GOLD PREMIUM
425939 VISA credit STANDARD
475106 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
484145 VISA credit GOLD
46423808 VISA credit INFINITE
459437 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
473205 VISA credit STANDARD
422410 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
446976 VISA credit GOLD
479422 VISA credit GOLD
46423888 VISA credit INFINITE
46423860 VISA credit INFINITE
45077126 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
472040 VISA credit STANDARD
446840 VISA credit PREMIER
419344 VISA credit PLATINUM
44913307 VISA credit GOLD
494184 VISA credit GOLD
46423823 VISA credit INFINITE
46423811 VISA credit INFINITE
46423820 VISA credit INFINITE
46423835 VISA credit INFINITE
46423847 VISA credit INFINITE
46423883 VISA credit INFINITE
45077079 VISA charge TRADITIONAL
470433 VISA credit GOLD
403055 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
401676 VISA credit GOLD PREMIUM
46423871 VISA credit INFINITE
458917 VISA credit INFINITE
46423844 VISA credit INFINITE
455161 VISA credit STANDARD
423199 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46423859 VISA credit INFINITE
46423810 VISA credit INFINITE
400261 VISA credit GOLD
475104 VISA credit GOLD
494192 VISA credit CLASSIC
46423834 VISA credit INFINITE
46423890 VISA credit INFINITE
432239 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
45214331 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
406637 VISA credit GOLD
494185 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44913306 VISA credit GOLD
45077132 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
433828 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
443077 VISA debit PLATINUM
46423833 VISA credit INFINITE
46423845 VISA credit INFINITE
449780 VISA credit STANDARD
472243 VISA credit GOLD
45214329 VISA debit TRADITIONAL

828 more IIN / BIN ...

Paraguay (PY) 🡒 VISA : List of BINs from Banks

Servicios Sociales Bancarios S.a.e.c.a. (24 BINs found) Vision Banco Sociedad Anonima Emisora Decapital Abierto (16 BINs found) The Toronto-dominion Bank (15 BINs found) Grupo Internacional De Finanzas S.a.e.c.a. (grupo Interfisa) (8 BINs found)
WELLS FARGO BANK NEVADA, N.A. (8 BINs found) Financiera Atlas S.a.e.c.a. (7 BINs found) Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Paraguay, S.a. (6 BINs found) Banco Nacional De Fomento (5 BINs found)
Citizens Bank Of Rhode Island (5 BINs found) Hsbc Bank Paraguay, S.a. (5 BINs found) Banco Amambay, S.a. (4 BINs found) Banco Continental, S.a. (4 BINs found)
Banco Del Parana, S.a. (4 BINs found) Banco Itau Paraguay, S.a. (4 BINs found) Deutsche Bank S.p.a. (4 BINs found) Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc (4 BINs found)
OLD NATIONAL BANK (4 BINs found) Sudameris Bank S.a.e.c.a. (4 BINs found) Bancard, S.a. (3 BINs found) Banco Integracion, S.a. (3 BINs found)
Banco Regional, S.a. (3 BINs found) Financiera Familiar S.a.e.c.a. (3 BINs found) Finlatina S.a. De Finanzas (3 BINs found) Pnc Bank, N.a. (3 BINs found)
Financiera El Comercio S.a.e.c.a. (2 BINs found) Financiera Itacua S.a.e.c.a. (2 BINs found) Financiera Paraguayo-japonesa, S.a. (2 BINs found) INTERBANCO, S.A. (2 BINs found)
Interbanco, S.a. (2 BINs found) Multibanco, S.a. (2 BINs found) Solar S.a. De Ahorro Y Prestamo Para La Vivienda (2 BINs found) Abn Amro Bank, N.v. (1 BINs found)
Ahorros Paraguayos, S.a. (1 BINs found) BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. (1 BINs found) Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Uruguay, S.a. (1 BINs found) Banco Do Brasil, S.a. (1 BINs found)
Banco Nacional De Trabajadores (1 BINs found) Banco Sudameris Paraguay S.a.e.c.a. (1 BINs found) Banco Union, S.a. (1 BINs found) Bancoplus S.a. De Inversion Y Fomento (1 BINs found)
Citibank International (1 BINs found) Financiera De Credito, S.a. (1 BINs found) Financiera Parapiti, S.a. (1 BINs found) GRUPO INTERNACIONAL DE FINANZAS S.A.E.C.A. (GRUPO INTERFISA) (1 BINs found)
LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC (1 BINs found) Procard, S.a. (1 BINs found) Visa Norge A/s (1 BINs found)

Paraguay (PY) 🡒 VISA : Card Networks

VISA (309 BINs found)

Paraguay (PY) 🡒 VISA : Card Types

credit (245 BINs found) debit (52 BINs found) charge (12 BINs found)

Paraguay (PY) 🡒 VISA : Card Brands

infinite (111 BINs found) traditional (99 BINs found) gold (41 BINs found) standard (13 BINs found)
platinum (10 BINs found) classic (8 BINs found) gold premium (8 BINs found) business (5 BINs found)
electron (4 BINs found) null (4 BINs found) signature (3 BINs found) premier (2 BINs found)
corporate (1 BINs found)
Paraguay Paraguay+%28PY%29+%26%23129106%3B+VISA BIN List

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