Trinidad and Tobago (TT) BIN List

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Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Trinidad and Tobago IIN / BIN List TT Trinidad and Tobago 780 10.691803 -61.222503

Trinidad and Tobago (TT) : IIN / BIN List

BIN Network Company Card Type Card Level
45768026 VISA credit PLATINUM
44152298 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44152245 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44152254 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44152234 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45203874 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
45203869 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
45203882 VISA credit GOLD
491574 VISA credit STANDARD
44152293 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44152280 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
491543 VISA credit GOLD
546614 MASTERCARD credit BLACK
45768110 VISA credit BUSINESS
44152237 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
457059 VISA credit STANDARD
423636 VISA credit STANDARD
45768002 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44152264 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
491544 VISA credit GOLD
44152284 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44152244 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44152219 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45203866 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
491644 VISA credit GOLD
45768109 VISA credit BUSINESS
45768105 VISA credit BUSINESS
45768117 VISA credit BUSINESS
491579 VISA credit STANDARD
45203881 VISA credit GOLD
45203868 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44152215 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45768112 VISA credit BUSINESS
44152265 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
450392 VISA credit GOLD
45203907 VISA credit BUSINESS
45203876 VISA credit GOLD
44152255 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44152235 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
544382 MASTERCARD credit GOLD
44152207 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
400631 VISA credit PLATINUM
45203906 VISA credit BUSINESS
490152 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
491529 VISA credit STANDARD
455794 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44152287 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45768013 VISA credit GOLD
44152247 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
414790 VISA credit SIGNATURE
491262 VISA credit BUSINESS
45768106 VISA credit BUSINESS
45203884 VISA credit GOLD
410858 VISA credit STANDARD
44152282 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45203872 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44152212 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
470443 VISA debit PLATINUM
44152252 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
491576 VISA credit STANDARD
45768111 VISA credit BUSINESS
45768107 VISA credit BUSINESS
412660 VISA credit GOLD

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Trinidad and Tobago (TT) : List of BINs from Banks

Intercommercial Bank, Ltd. (102 BINs found) Toronto-dominion Bank (49 BINs found) Republic Bank, Ltd. (35 BINs found) First Citizens Bank, Ltd. (14 BINs found)
Rbtt Bank, Ltd. (10 BINs found) Scotiabank Trinidad And Tobago, Ltd. (9 BINs found) Trinidad And Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (3 BINs found) Citibank (2 BINs found)
INTERCOMMERCIAL BANK, LTD. (2 BINs found) RBTT BANK, LTD. (2 BINs found) Rbc Royal Bank (trinidad And Tobago), Ltd. (2 BINs found) Wells Fargo (2 BINs found)
Bank Of Commerce Trinidad And Tobago, Ltd. (1 BINs found) Bank Of Nova Scotia (1 BINs found) CARD SERVICES FOR CREDIT UNIONS, INC. (1 BINs found) CHASE MANHATTAN BANK USA, N.A. (1 BINs found)
CITIBANK (1 BINs found) Citibank (trinidad And Tobago), Ltd. (1 BINs found) FIRST CITIZENS BANK, LTD. (1 BINs found) HDFC BANK, LTD. (1 BINs found)
ITS BANK (1 BINs found) Royal Bank Of Trinidad And Tobago, Ltd. (1 BINs found) SCOTIABANK TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, LTD. (1 BINs found) TORONTO-DOMINION BANK (1 BINs found)
Vja (1 BINs found)

Trinidad and Tobago (TT) : Card Networks

VISA (285 BINs found) MASTERCARD (27 BINs found)

Trinidad and Tobago (TT) : Card Types

credit (184 BINs found) debit (128 BINs found)

Trinidad and Tobago (TT) : Card Brands

traditional (143 BINs found) business (51 BINs found) standard (31 BINs found) gold (30 BINs found)
platinum (29 BINs found) electron (6 BINs found) infinite (4 BINs found) standard prepaid (3 BINs found)
credit (2 BINs found) credit business prepaid (2 BINs found) signature (2 BINs found) black (1 BINs found)
classic (1 BINs found) commercial business (1 BINs found) corporate (1 BINs found) gold premium (1 BINs found)
null (1 BINs found) platinium (1 BINs found) prepaid (1 BINs found) unembossed prepaid student (1 BINs found)
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad+and+Tobago+%28TT%29 BIN List

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