Uruguay (UY) BIN List

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Country Issuer Information

Flag Code Name Numeric Latitude Longitude
Uruguay IIN / BIN List UY Uruguay 858 -32.522779 -55.765835

Uruguay (UY) : IIN / BIN List

BIN Network Company Card Type Card Level
45595530 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44622964 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44523560 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44818847 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44523564 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44576316 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46030597 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46030539 VISA credit BUSINESS
44576617 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44622984 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
45595735 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46031441 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44796219 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44633890 VISA credit GOLD
455987 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44523603 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46030618 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46030457 VISA credit GOLD
45595702 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
532408 MASTERCARD credit GOLD
46030480 VISA credit GOLD
44523658 VISA credit GOLD
44523598 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44523678 VISA credit GOLD
45147598 VISA debit NULL
44523701 VISA credit GOLD
44523622 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44697573 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46030592 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44576693 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
546625 MASTERCARD credit BLACK
46030629 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
548801 MASTERCARD credit GOLD
44727730 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44689127 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44576659 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44622971 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
46030580 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44576638 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
467909 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46030406 VISA credit GOLD
477158 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
407597 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44576668 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44576688 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46031445 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44523559 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46030389 VISA credit CORPORATE
44818821 VISA credit PLATINUM
46030443 VISA credit GOLD
46030355 VISA credit CORPORATE
46030377 VISA credit CORPORATE
44633894 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44633882 VISA credit GOLD
45147591 VISA credit NULL
44523709 VISA credit GOLD
44523630 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44523610 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
494016 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
44523670 VISA credit GOLD
44523650 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
45595538 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44523578 VISA credit TRADITIONAL
46030603 VISA debit TRADITIONAL
44818812 VISA credit INFINITE
46030465 VISA credit GOLD
44633869 VISA credit CORPORATE
46030485 VISA credit GOLD

840 more IIN / BIN ...

Uruguay (UY) : List of BINs from Banks

Chase Bank Usa, N.a. (117 BINs found) Citicorp (98 BINs found) Credit Union Card Services, Inc. (94 BINs found) Pinnacle Bank (90 BINs found)
Directions C.u. (48 BINs found) Unibanco - Uniao De Bancos Brasileiros, S.a. (42 BINs found) Standard Chartered Bank (39 BINs found) Argencard, S.a. (35 BINs found)
First Data Cono Sur, S.r.l. (29 BINs found) Twin County C.u. (29 BINs found) Standard Chartered Bank (channel Islands), Ltd. (24 BINs found) Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. (22 BINs found)
I-c F.c.u. (19 BINs found) First Financial Bank, N.a. (18 BINs found) Bancfirst (17 BINs found) Nuevo Banco Comercial, S.a. (16 BINs found)
Banco De La Republica Oriental Del Uruguay (13 BINs found) Banco Santander, S.a. (13 BINs found) Advance Bank Ag (11 BINs found) Inversiones Fedeban, S.a. (10 BINs found)
Paldec S.a. (edicard) (10 BINs found) Stonebridge Bank (10 BINs found) Citibank (9 BINs found) Banco Itau Uruguay, S.a. (7 BINs found)
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Uruguay, S.a. (6 BINs found) Banco Santander Sociedad Anonima (6 BINs found) Arab International Bank (5 BINs found) First Data Cono Sur, S.a. (4 BINs found)
BARCLAYS BANK PLC (3 BINs found) Banco Bandes Uruguay, S.a. (3 BINs found) Banco Comercial (3 BINs found) Banco La Caja Obrera (3 BINs found)
Discount Bank (latin America), S.a. (3 BINs found) Hsbc Bank (uruguay), S.a. (3 BINs found) NUEVO BANCO COMERCIAL, S.A. (3 BINs found) Oca Casa Financiera, S.a. (3 BINs found)
The Toronto-dominion Bank (3 BINs found) BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA URUGUAY, S.A. (2 BINs found) Bautzen S.a. (2 BINs found) Deutsche Bank S.p.a. (2 BINs found)
Exprinter Casa Bancaria, S.a. (2 BINs found) Hsbc Bank Nevada, N.a. (2 BINs found) Merrimack Valley F.c.u. (2 BINs found) Santander (2 BINs found)
United States Trust Company, N.a. (2 BINs found) BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. (1 BINs found) BANK OF MONTREAL (1 BINs found) Banco Citibank De El Salvador, S.a. (1 BINs found)
Banco De La Provincia De Buenos Aires (1 BINs found) Banco De Montevideo, S.a. (1 BINs found) Banco Republica (1 BINs found) Bank Of Montreal (1 BINs found)
Bc Moldindconbank, S.a. (1 BINs found) Bnl De Uruguay, S.a. (1 BINs found) CITICORP (1 BINs found) COMMERCIAL BANK OF KUWAIT S.A.K. (1 BINs found)
Chase Manhattan Bank (usa) (1 BINs found) Compania Uruguaya De Medios De Procesamiento, S.a. (1 BINs found) Ediguay, S.a. (1 BINs found) FIRST DATA CONO SUR, S.R.L. (1 BINs found)
Fidelity Information Services, Inc. (1 BINs found) Intercontinental Bank (uruguay), S.a. (1 BINs found) Lebanon And Gulf Bank S.a.l. (1 BINs found) OCA CASA FINANCIERA, S.A. (1 BINs found)
Oca, S.a. (1 BINs found) Personas Santander Empresa Administradora De Creditos, S.a. (1 BINs found) Pnc Bank, N.a. (1 BINs found) RBTT BANK ANTILLES, N.V. (1 BINs found)
Redbanc S.r.l. (1 BINs found) Rias S.r.l. (bancomat) (1 BINs found) Sistarbanc S.r.l. (1 BINs found) Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. (1 BINs found)
Western States Bankcard Association (1 BINs found) Westpac Banking Corporation (1 BINs found)

Uruguay (UY) : Card Networks

VISA (1129 BINs found) MASTERCARD (117 BINs found)

Uruguay (UY) : Card Types

credit (941 BINs found) debit (299 BINs found) charge (6 BINs found)

Uruguay (UY) : Card Brands

traditional (632 BINs found) gold (241 BINs found) corporate (87 BINs found) business (85 BINs found)
standard (53 BINs found) platinum (48 BINs found) electron (21 BINs found) infinite (20 BINs found)
gold premium (10 BINs found) standard prepaid (9 BINs found) black (8 BINs found) classic (8 BINs found)
platinium (8 BINs found) null (5 BINs found) prepaid (4 BINs found) commercial business (3 BINs found)
purchasing (2 BINs found) credit (1 BINs found) unembossed prepaid student (1 BINs found)
Uruguay Uruguay+%28UY%29 BIN List

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